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Stacy Marie Pope


Wednesday, June 15, 2022


William C. Harris Funeral Directors-Spanish Lake Chapel

1645 Redman Ave

St. Louis, MO 63138



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15 Ιουν 2022

Dear Little Sister,

I wished we were closer and that someone had reached out to me. A lot of time has passed but you were always there to share in my achievements. You always say "You have a phone too Booooy!!!" You know in that LOUD for no reason Stacy voice. What??? I'm just sayin' I know I didn't say I love you often, meaning I wasn't saying that enough, so I will say I Love You Big Head!!! I'm proud of the woman you've become, daughter, sister, aunt, wait.....and Grandmother too, dang you which means I'm.....oh no ancient? Through it all you'll still my bratty little sister that got on my nerves.

Loving Yours,

Your Big Brother


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